Crypto Control API


Crypto Control API

Discover the AML solution to easily monitor cryptocurrency transactions.

The Crypto Control API allows companies and financial operators to easily identify bank accounts that operate with cryptocurrencies. It is an effective compliance solution that provides reliable information to elaborate reports of suspicious activity.

An API designed by Worldsys, a leading regtech company, that obtains information from the Ciphertrace records, the #1 firm in cryptocurrency intelligence & blockchain analytics.

Verify whether a bank account operates with cryptocurrency.

Perform real-time checks simple and agilely. The API validates the input information and returns a positive or negative result for each account.

How does it work?

You only need to enter a query with the account number. In addition, you will be able to complete optional fields such as: Routing; Account type; Legal name of the account; CommonName of the account.

Solutions for a challenging context.

Money laundering through cryptocurrencies grew by 30% in 2021 from the previous year. It is estimated that criminal groups laundered about 8.6 billion dollars through operations with crypto assets.


Technological partnership

Worldsys-Ciphertrace technological partnership delivers a solution that provides an answer to the new challenges in terms of compliance and anti-money laundering regulations.

Worldsys y Ciphetrace

Query example:

The input values are:
Account: Bank account (required).
Routing: Account routing (optional).
Type: Type of account (optional).
LegalName: Legal name of the account (optional).
CommonName: CommonName of the account (optional).

curl --location --request POST '' \
--form 'user="username"' \
--form 'password="password"' \
--form 'account="LT823880010100300837"' \
--form 'routing="GLUALT22"' \
--form 'type="SWIFT"'

Response example:

The response will be the input data (as validation) including the “operate” field, where it defines if the consulted account operates with cryptocurrencies, and values “yes” (if it operates) and “no” (if it does not operate).

  "data": {
    "account": "LT823880010100300837",
    "routing": "GLUALT22",
    "type": "SWIFT",
    "legalName": null,
    "commonName": "Jubiter",
    "operate": "yes"

Pricing plans that suits your needs

Discover the available plans based on the number of monthly queries. The Crypto Control API includes support service and documentation.


Advantages of Crypto Control.
The API that provides answers to new money-laundering risks.

Regulatory compliance

It complies with regional and international regulations in crypto AML.

Reliable information

Get the information from the Ciphertrace records, a leading crypto AML company.

Minimize legal risks

Reduce risks and avoid exposure to legal liability, both civil and criminal.

Simple queries

Using simple code, it performs real-time checks.

Monitor crypto bank accounts for AML.

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Vendor Information

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  • Vendor: Worldsys
  • Address: Manuela Saenz 323 - Of 407
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