Compliance One


Compliance One is a suite of Regtech solutions for comprehensive compliance management.

Reach to manage, connect and automate all your organization’s compliance processes through a single 100% cloud platform.

An innovative response to regulatory complexities.

Compliance One is a regtech platform that offers an ecosystem of fully integrated applications and 100% in the cloud.
Compliance One
Compliance One

Single configuration for the entire platform.

Easily configure according to the characteristics of your organization and start operating immediately. The platform has predefined business models.  

Managing compliance is now simple.

Discover the main features of Compliance One.

Software as a service

A 100% Cloud platform. Avoid
maintenance costs of a local infrastructure.


All the applications work in an integrated way and allow the automation of processes.

Intuitive interface

Completely intuitive navigation and user experience.


All applications allow connection via REST API interface.


Service activation is automatic. Start trading immediately from any browser.


It has a 360° vision or enables only the benefits that meet the regulatory requirements of your organization.

Knowledge base

It has detailed documentation and interactive videos on each functionality.

Reports & traceability

Certify and audit compliance with reports, user activity logs, alerts, and treatments.

Simple and intuitive interface.

Completely intuitive navigation and user experience. Take a look!

Explore Compliance One.

An ecosystem of regtech applications 100% in the cloud.

Screening KYC

Comply with the “Know Your Customer” processes to be aligned with AML regulations.

With Compliance One, perform cross-check between the organization’s customer base and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists, sanctioned individuals, terrorists, and more public and private data sources.

Generate complete business reports!

screening-KYB-150x150 (1)

Screening KYB

Knowledge is your main ally to mitigate transactional risks.

With the “Know Your Business” module, find and analyze the particular situation of any natural or legal person to mitigate risks and comply with due diligence. Generate complete business reports!


Transactional Monitoring

Quickly detect suspicious operations based on business rules and transactional profiles.

It performs continuous and real-time monitoring of customer activity and any variable of the entity. Evaluate behaviors and identify unusual patterns for the decision-making process.

Corporate Compliance 

Implements and monitors an Integrity Plan in accordance with the OECD guidelines on Corporate Governance.

Communicate the codes and policies to all members of the organization; evaluate the risk level of your circle of economic relations; it has a channel for anonymous complaints; resolves conflicts of interest, and more.



Automates the submission of information to regulatory entities.

Comply with the information requirements on the dates and formats established. Minimizes operational actions and guarantees correct compliance.

Avoid fines and penalties!


Data Compliance

Apply a privacy and personal data protection program.

It has a tool to manage the consent, use and privacy of the personal data of your users and web visitors. Generates a consent record to demonstrate compliance.


Crypto Control

Monitor digital assets and take your compliance program one step further.

Carry out continuous and real-time monitoring of all your clients’ operations. Easily identify if a bank account carries out operations with cryptocurrencies.



How can you be aware of thousands of regulations published daily?

Access all the regulatory publications that affect your organization in a consolidated and organized way. Define responsible parties, alerts and deadlines to treat each of the regulations. Analyze regulatory risk and prioritize based on risk level.

Risk management

Analyze and measure the risks of your organization.

Prepare your risk map integrated into the entire platform. Compliance One has different analysis models based on the different modules:

• Risk self-assessment
• Operational Risk
• AML Risk
• Regulatory Risk


Manage, connect and automate compliance processes through a single platform.

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